Custodian of Provincial Exchequer

Overseeing Resources, Financial Management & Implementation of Financial Regulation, Administration of Treasuries and Banking

About us

The Department of Finance oversees several key programs/initiatives and reforms of the Government of Balochsitan relating to Financial Inclusion, Social Security, and Insurance as a Risk Transfer mechanism; Credit Flow to the key sectors of the economy/ common masses of the province.
Responsible of monitoring the Provincial Resources, Finances, Preparation of Provincial Budget, Formulation and Interpretation of Financial Rules, Civil Servants Rules related to Pay, Allowances and Pension, Management of Public Funds, Management of Foreign & Public Debit, Coordination of National and Provincial Finance Commissions, Administration of Local Fund Audit and Treasuries.
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Jam Kamal Khan

Chief Minister Balochistan

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Zahoor Ahmed Buledi

Finance Minister Balochistan

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Passand Khan Buledi

Finance Secretary Balochistan

Latest Updates

Post Budget Briefing 2021-22

Hon’ble Finance Minister with other political members, ACS Development and Secretary Finance held post budget briefing FY 2021-22 on 19.06.2021 at Serena Hotel Quetta.

Pre-Budget Session at CERBM-UoB

Pre-Budget Session at CERBM, UoB Worthy Secretary Finance Mr. Passand Khan Buledi gracing a Pre-Budget session with academia & students at CERBM, University of Balochistan dated 13-04-2021

Pre-Budget Workshop at BUITEMS

PRE-BUDGET CONSULTATIVE WORKSHOP AT BUITEMS Worthy Secretary Finance chairing Pre-Budget Consultative Workshop organized in coordination with GPP, held with Academia and students at BUITEMS university dated 07-Apr-2021

Meeting with PD-PPHI

Worthy Secretary Finance Mr. Passand Khan Buledi is convening a meeting with the Project Director PPHI Mr. Aziz Ahmed Jamali dated 26-03-2021

Budget 2021-22 will be uploaded soon!

Budget Overview 2020-21

Budget FY 2020-21 Downloads

Last 3 Year's Budget Downloads

Major Initiatives

65% Anticipatory Pension to the retirees of GoB

GoB is pleased to announce 65% Anticipatory pension allowed first time ever in Balochistan for all retirees without waiting for completion of pension papers.

Tax Exemptions

Assessment of existing taxation framework including gap analysis
Designing Reform Action Plan to overcome the weaknesses in taxation framework
Recommendations for reforms in relevant legal framework
Identifying new sources of revenues.

PFM Act-2020

Strengthening District Accounts Offices with delegating more powers to the DAOs; GoB has passed PFM act 2020.
Access to relevant District Accounts Offices for GPF, Salary Slips, GI and verification of Service Books instead of travelling to AG office.